May 11, 2018

The May 2018 Views

I've been traveling a lot so far this month. I rather missed the end of the snow season (oh darn), and Spring has sprung big time here!

Green everywhere! (May 11)

Monday morning (May 13):

Tuesday's sunset (May 15): 

April 6, 2018

The April 2018 Views

It's finally melting (Apr. 2)

Rain brings more melting (Apr. 6): 

And winter returns (Apr. 8):

...with a vengeance (Apr. 9, a.m.):

Today started out the 2" of snow. Most of it melted down low,
but in the high country, it just keeps piling up (Apr. 13):

A subtle sunset (Apr. 19):

They are back in the meadow! (Apr. 23):

A nice sunset to end this month's views (Apr. 23):

March 3, 2018

The March 2018 Views

A snowy day (March 3):

A gorgeous moon (Mar. 3):

A spectacular evening (Mar. 5):

Colorful sunset (Mar. 6):

Maybe he came for breakfast?! A young Clark's Nutcracker (Mar. 11):

Adult Clark's Nutcracker:

Flicker, watching from afar:

The red-wing blackbirds are back:

Evening alpenglow (Mar. 12):

Rain, snow, clouds, and then sunshine - typical spring day (Mar. 15):

Another decent evening with some cloud action (Mar. 16):

A deck visitor, destroying the safflower tube (Mar. 29):

Pretty clouds and a slight hint of blue (Mar. 19): S

A tiny bit of color in that sunset (Mar. 19):

Sunny blue skies (Mar. 23):

Birds and clouds (Mar. 24):

Evening (Mar. 27):

Early evening (Mar. 28):