January 6, 2021

The January 2021 Views

 A brilliant diamond morning with lots of birds (Jan. 6):

Dusk and sunset (Jan. 11):

Sunrise, afternoon clouds (Jan. 12):

A bird-filled afternoon and a crescent moon (Jan. 16):

Monday morning sunrise (Jan. 18):

A brand new day, a brand new sunset (Jan. 20):

December 1, 2020

The December 2020 Views

 One-day-past-full moon (Dec. 1):

A brilliant morning (Dec. 3):

A busy morning at the birdbath, and the usual diamond frost (Dec. 5):

Another diamond morning (Dec. 6):

Clouds (Dec. 9):

Sunset (Dec. 10):

Between snow storms, and blue light special (Dec. 11):

Pretty sunset and sharing birds (Dec. 12):

Lots o' birds, and miscellaneous (Dec. 14):

Another snowstorm aftermath (Dec. 18):

Sunset and moon shots (Dec. 21):

Sunrise (Dec. 22):

Sunshine, sunset, moon shots, blue light special (Dec. 23):

The view from a different deck (Dec. 29):

The last sunset of the year, from a different deck (Dec. 31):