February 1, 2019

The February 2019 Views

A frosty, foggy, first morning (Feb. 1):

Lunchtime on the deck (Feb. 1):

So much snow - 14 to 16 inches in the past 36 hours (Feb. 5):

This flicker seems to have adopted us (Feb. 5):

Evening views of all that snow (Feb. 7):

January 1, 2019

The January 2019 Views

Happy New Year! (Jan. 1):

A cold Saturday morning (Jan. 5):

Right after the Sunday storm, looking east (Jan. 6):

Looking west:

Hungry black-capped chickadee after the storm:

Looking east one hour after the storm's end:

Monday sunset (Jan. 7):

Sunset and a sliver of a moon (Jan. 9):

A gorgeous sunrise (Jan. 10):

Moon view (Jan. 11):

 A cold, crisp, frosty morning (Jan. 12):

Moon view (Jan. 13):

Moon view (Jan. 14):

Another snowy day (Jan. 19):

A bit warmer and sunnier today (Jan. 20):

The night after the full blood wolf moon and lunar eclipse
(because of course it was snowing last night) (Jan. 21):

Another winter afternoon (Jan. 24):

Enough sun for shadows - bit of a rarity lately (Jan. 25):

A busy bird afternoon (Jan. 25):

Don't know why the flicker was hangin' out on the deck, 
but he did so for quite a while (Jan. 25):

A glorious sunny Sunday (Jan.27):

Good morning! (Jan. 28):

Morning moon (Jan. 29):

A cold, crisp morning finds a flicker huddled near the heated birdbath (Jan. 30):

A colorful jet trail at sunset (Jan. 30):

Sunrise (Jan. 31):

The last sunset of the month (Jan. 31):