March 3, 2018

The March 2018 Views

A snowy day (March 3):

A gorgeous moon (Mar. 3):

A spectacular evening (Mar. 5):

Colorful sunset (Mar. 6):

Maybe he came for breakfast?! A young Clark's Nutcracker (Mar. 11):

Adult Clark's Nutcracker:

Flicker, watching from afar:

The red-wing blackbirds are back:

Evening alpenglow (Mar. 12):

Rain, snow, clouds, and then sunshine - typical spring day (Mar. 15):

Another decent evening with some cloud action (Mar. 16):

February 18, 2018

The February 2018 Views

February seems to be a slow month around here, and sometimes a very cloudy month...maybe that's way I've been slow to even take any photos from the deck this month.....

Lunchtime (Feb. 13):

Early evening alpenglow (Feb. 13):

A Sunday snowstorm colors the world white and black (Feb. 18):

A cold, wintery sunset (Feb. 19):

Hi-def snow peaks (Feb. 23):

Let's send February out with a flourish! (Feb. 28):

Just before sunset: 

Almost-full moon: