October 14, 2017

The October 2017 Views

The first part of October we were on our 2017 Epic Road Trip (many more pictures will be added to the album in the near-ish future).

Home sweet home (Oct. 11):

A beautiful fall morning (Oct. 13):

A different kind of beautiful fall morning (Oct. 14): 

More fall morning gorgeousness (Oct. 15):

September 3, 2017

The September 2017 Views

Almost full (Sept. 3):

Smokey skies from Western US fires (Sept. 4):

Fire moon (Sept. 4):

Fire sun (Sept. 5):

Another fire sun (Sept. 7):

...and fire moon (Sept. 7): 

The smoke moved out! (Sept. 8):

Back to beautiful sunsets (Sept. 9):

Thunderheads and Cedar Waxwings (Sept. 10):

Alpenglow (Sept. 13):

Snowy peaks and backyard visitors (Sept. 16):

August 3, 2017

The August 2017 Views

Smokey night from the fires in ID and MT (Aug. 3):

Guarding her feeder (Aug. 13):

Hanging around under the deck - hoary comma anglewing butterfly (Aug. 13):

Fireweed through the deck (Aug. 19):

Dusk (Aug. 19):

Dusk (Aug. 20):

All of the following were taken from the deck -
before, during, and after, on Eclipse day (Aug. 21):







Shades of sunset (Aug. 22):

Half & half sky (Aug. 23):

Some leaves are turning already! 

Sunset peaches (Aug. 24):

Red-shifted moon caused by smoke from wildfires somewhere (Aug. 26):

The earthshine was strong (Aug. 27):

Always inspiring, the view from our deck (Aug. 29):