October 1, 2018

The October 2018 Views

The light at sunset is amazing (Oct. 1):

After a morning rainstorm, the colors were exceptionally brilliant (Oct. 3): 

A dusting of snow on the peaks (Oct. 5):

A cool day needs a fire (Oct. 6): 

Sunset (Oct. 6):

Sunlight on the peaks (Oct. 7):

Sun on the mountains and sunset colors (Oct. 8):

Sunrise (Oct. 9):

Early morning (Oct. 10):

Sunset (Oct. 11):

Golden hour (Oct. 17):

Oh, that moon! (Oct. 17):

Waxing gibbous moon (Oct. 18):

Sunset and the moon (Oct. 19):

September 2, 2018

The September 2018 Views

Birds (Sept. 2):

A perfect view while tai chi-ing on the deck (Sept. 7):

A tiny bit of color in tonight's sunset (Sept. 7): 

Sunset (Sept. 10):

Early alpenglow (Sept. 14):

A rather nice Saturday morning (Sept. 15):

Some fall colors are creeping in (Sept. 18):

Moon shot (Sept. 18):

Evening sites (Sept. 19):

Moonglow (Sept. 21):

First day of fall fire moon (Sept. 22):

Fall colors (Sept. 23):

A glorious morning, afternoon, and evening (Sept. 24):

Harvest moon (Sept. 24):

Sunset (Sept. 26):

Just-past-Harvest Moon (Sept. 26):

A golden Fall day (Sept. 29):

Yet another golden day (Sept. 30):