January 1, 2020

The January 2020 Views

A clean palette to create your 2020 story (Jan. 1):

A pretty sunrise, with variations (Jan. 3):

First moon view of 2020 (Jan. 7):

A bit of a silver lining between snow storms (Jan. 8):

After a week of snow, a blue-sky bright-white day (Jan. 10):

Full Wolf Moon (Jan. 10):

A bit of color in the sunrise before the clouds 
moved in yet again (Jan. 16):

Adventures in snow removal (Jan. 18):

And then, gobsmacking gorgeousness (Jan. 18):

Dawn (Jan. 20):

A tiny bit of blue (Jan. 29):

Clear blue skies - a bit of rarity this time of year (Jan. 30):

...and deepening frosting (Jan. 30):