April 2, 2020

The April 2020 Views

Evening light, and fresh snow (Apr. 2):

Lunchtime (Apr. 4):

Evening and moonshot (Apr. 5):

The Sandhill cranes are back! (Apr. 6):

Clouds and full Pink Moon (Apr. 7):

Early evening (Apr. 8):

Moonshots (Apr. 8):

Birds (Apr. 9):

Moonshots (Apr. 9):

Afternoon views (Apr. 10):

A bright, frosted Easter morning (Apr. 12):

A break between snow squalls (Apr. 16):

A bright afternoon, and elk in the meadow (Apr. 19):

Another good early evening (Apr. 20):

Blue skies (Apr. 21):

Colors (Apr. 23):

A good day (Apr. 24):

Wildflowers and flicker (Apr. 25):

Moon and Venus (Apr. 26):

A really good bird day (Apr. 27):

Wildflowers, critters, and birds - oh my! (Apr. 28):

Elk in the meadow, birds and little beasties,
and a beautiful day/night (Apr. 29):

And a good end to the month (Apr. 30):