April 5, 2019

The April 2019 Views

The snow is *finally* melting (Apr. 5):


Lookie!!! Ground is showing!!! 

The aspen are really popping!

Slate-colored Junco

Mountain Chickadee 

A decent Saturday with an Evening Grosbeak and lighted peaks(Apr. 6):

A hint of blue, and more melting (Apr. 8):

Twitterpated red wing blackbirds (Apr. 10):

Mountain vistas (Apr. 11):

Blue skies (Apr. 12):

Clouds on the peaks (Apr. 13):

Monday evening (Apr. 15):

Red Poll (Apr. 16):

Blue skies, mourning dove, snowy peaks again (Apr. 18):

An almost-full moon sequence (Apr. 18)

Flicker, and moon (Apr. 19): 

Cloudy, stormy evening (Apr. 24):

Sunset, in all it's forms (Apr. 26):

It snowed last night (will winter EVER leave?!) (Apr. 30):

Some summer residents have arrived (Apr. 30):