September 2, 2021

The September 2021 Views

An almost smokeless view, and some garden bounty (Sept. 1): 

A stormy day (Sept. 2):

A decent fall-like day (Sept. 9)

Clear skies and some color (Sept. 10):

Smoke-free skies are such a treat! (Sept. 11)

Evening visitor (Sept. 12):

First quarter moon (Sept. 13):

Cedar waxwings came through today,
and the moon is once again amazing (Sept. 14):

Moon (Sept. 15):

Moon (Sept. 16):

Moonrise (Sept. 17):

Almost-full harvest moon (Sept. 18):

A pre-fall morning (Sept. 19):

After the rain, you can see the snow on the peaks:

And then the rainbow showed up:

Evening and full harvest moon (Sept. 20):

Sunset (Sept. 21):

Just-past-full harvest moon:

First day of fall (Sept. 22):

A brilliant fall morning (Sept. 29):

Snowshoe hare: