June 1, 2019

The June 2019 Views

This month marks our 6th anniversary of moving to this mountain paradise. 

Flowers and birds and deer, oh my! (June 1):

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury by Laurie Leigh Radetsky of
Beautiful Faces by Laurie Leigh...among the lilacs.

Birds! (June 2):

Birds and vistas (June 3):

New residents in meadow birdhouse (June 4):

Glorious sunset (June 4):

Flowers and wings (June 5):

A nice view, a lot of green, and birds (June 6):

Snow, and birds (June 7):

Wildflowers in the yard (June 9):

(June 10):

Colorful sunset, moon, and Jupiter (June 11):

Blue skies (June 12):

Early evening to late night (June 12):

Juvenile evening grosbeak (June 13):

My heart smiled a lot today (June 14):

Clouds, moon, and views (June 15):

After the storms (June 17):

Birds (June 19):

Sunset (June 19):

Twilight (June 19):

Jupiter and moons (June 19):

Moon (June 20):

Sunset-ish (June 20):

A rather chilly first day of summer (June 21):

After a freezing night, a sunny day (June 22):

Clouds and cool so far today, but tons of birds (June 23):

Birds and other (June 24):

Bird, flowers, Jupiter & moons (June 26):

Clouds, mountains, flowers (June 27):

A bright, flowery afternoon (June 28):

Oh those iris! (June 29):

A perfect hummer day (June 30):