March 1, 2024

The March 2024 Views

 Snowstorm, day 1 (Mar. 1):

Snow, birds, snowy birds (Mar. 4):

A quick blue-sky evening (Mar. 4):

11 damn inches of snow (Mar. 6):

Blue skies and night skies (Mar. 7):

View from under the deck (Mar. 8):

Frost on the trees on a clear morning (Mar. 9):

Started off with wet, sloppy snow this morning, but
some blue sky poked through this evening (Mar. 12):

A sure sign of movement toward Spring (Mar. 13):

An actual colorful sunset (Mar. 14):

Birds and moon (Mar. 15):

The "official" Spring bird, and it's nice enough
to grill on the deck! (Mar. 16):

Happy Spring!!! (Mar. 19):

Moon (Mar. 22):

More snow and the full Worm Moon (Mar. 24):

Another kinda snowy day (Mar. 25):

Another day starts with snow, and ends with birds (Mar. 28):