May 1, 2021

The May 2021 Views

 May Day (May 1):

More elk in the meadow (May 5):

Elk, flowers, birds - a good afternoon (May 7):

Birds, snow, coyote, Sandhill crane (May 8):

Birds, elk, more birds...a very good day (May 13):

Another crazy good bird day (May 14):

Deer, doves, Mars, and the Moon (May 15):

Flowers, clouds, birds (May 16):

Moon (May 18):

New birdies! (May 20):

Bullock's orioles, fresh snow on the peaks, Western tanager (May 21):

Almost-full moon (May 24):

Full Flower Moon (May 25):

Morning birds (May 29):

Wildflower walkabout in the yard (May 30):