May 1, 2019

The May 2019 Views

Happy May Day! (May 1):

A beautiful evening (May 3):

A great bird day (May 5):

Evening elk in the meadow (May 5):

Birds (May 6):

Evening vista (May 8):

This Bullock's Oriole loves the sugar water
in the hummingbird feeder (May 14):

Broad-tailed hummingbird (May 14):

Moon (May 14):

A stormy day (May 16):

Rained all day, but my lord the hummers!! (May 17)

Another day of rolling rain storms, but still
some decent shots (May 18):

Oh that moon... (May 18):

Guardian of the feeders (May 19):

Cutting down the fallen aspen:

Wildflowers - grape hyacinth:

Sandhill cranes in the meadow:

Rainbow bridge!?

Fresh snow on the peaks, again: 

It was a "take your pick" weather day -
rain, snow, wind, blue skies....take your pick (May 20):

Finally, a break in the clouds and rain (May 24):

A good day, with intermittent storms (May 26):

The lazuli buntings are back! (May 27):

A very welcome blue-sky day, with birds (May 29):

Sunset (May 30):

Pretty bird (May 31):