June 2, 2024

The June 2024 Views

 We moved to this paradise in June 2013, and other than having some
ridiculously deep winters and ongoing water issues,
haven't regretted it. The views really are to die for!

The lilac bush is finally waking up (June 1):

Sunrise over the meadow, lilacs (June 2):

Rain all day, and the front porch (and flamingo)
seems to be a refuge for some (June 3):

Wild/flowers around the yard (June 8):

A cloudy, rainy morning (June 9):

Iris (June 13):

Iris and moon (June 14):

May 2, 2024

The May 2024 Views

 May Day snow (May 1):

The snowshoe hare is almost out of his
winter colors, and more snow (May 2):

Birds, ground squirrel, elk, and snow (May 3):

Calliope hummingbird (May 4):

Calliope hummingbird (May 5):

Backyard visitor (May 7):

A nice afternoon (May 9):

Crescent moon (May 10):

The aurora - it was was 360° thing, and it was freaking amazing! (May 10):

Backyard visitors (May 11):

Aurora! (May 11):

Aurora, barely (May 12):

Rainbow and sunset (May 14):

The Bullock's orioles are back! (May 16):

Bullock's orioles and black-headed grosbeaks,
and the moon (May 17):

Bullock's orioles, black-headed grosbeak, pine siskin (May 18):

Backyard visitors and so many birds (May 20):

More birds, and the moon (May 21):

Snow, Stellar's Jay, and more snow (May 23):

Western tanager and alpenglow (May 25):

Confused lazuli bunting and snowshoe hare (May 27):