December 16, 2016

The December 2016 Views

Reflections #1 (Dec. 1):

Sunset alpenglow (Dec. 1):

A bright blue winter sky (Dec. 2):

A winter sunrise (Dec. 8):

Reflections #2 (Dec. 16):

A bright sunrise (Dec. 17):

A perfect day for photos from the deck,
from sunrise to sunset (Dec. 18):

Christmas Eve Eve under an overcast sky (Dec. 23):

A Downy (Woodpecker) visitor to the deck (Dec. 23):

Merry Christmas (Dec. 25):

Black and white, in color:

Movin' snow:

A blue-sky day after the snowstorm (Dec. 28):

A beautiful winter sunrise (Dec. 29):

A New Year's Eve Eve Sunset (Dec. 30):

A brilliant New Year's Eve day (Dec. 31):

The sun hits the peaks as it sets this New Year's Eve (Dec. 31):