June 30, 2021

The June 2021 Views

 My laptop died a month ago so I had no way to process my photos,
but I kept taking them! 
And, this month marks our 8th anniversary of moving here,
where these beautiful views reside.

Sunset (June 1):

Wild/flowers in the yard, birds, sunset (June 4):

Sunset (June 5):

Bullock's oriole (June 6):

Sunset (June 9):

Evening visitors (June 10):

Wildflowers in the yard (June 11):

Sunset (June 16):

Sunset and moon (June 17):

Moon (June 19):

Moonrise and moon (June 20):

Almost-full moon (June 22):

Full Strawberry Moon (June 23):

Evening views (June 25):

Flowers in the yard (June 26):

Views, flowers, hummer (we call him George and he is the guardian
of the hummingbird feeders), and elk in the meadow (June 27):

The final June sunset (June 30):