February 1, 2023

February 2023 Views

 Moon (Feb. 1):

A diamond-encrusted blue-sky morning (Feb. 2):

Almost-full-snow-moon (Feb. 4):

A sunset and some stars on a clear night (Feb. 8):

A blue-sky frost-diamond morning and a decent sunset (Feb. 9):

Morning clouds, evening alpenglow, sunset (Feb. 11):

Another brilliant blue-sky-diamond morning,
a flicker, and a rather outstanding sunset (Feb. 13):

Valentines Day moose (Feb. 14):

The morning moon was pretty, and the moose is still here! (Feb. 15):

Hungry birds (Feb. 19):

Snow Zen (Feb. 21):

Birds (Feb. 22):

Morning snow, pretty views
and bunny tracks (Feb. 23):

Just some gorgeousness (Feb. 24):

Moon (Feb. 25):

Birds amid today's snow (Feb. 26):

So. Much. Snow. (Feb. 27):