May 2, 2024

The May 2024 Views

 May Day snow (May 1):

The snowshoe hare is almost out of his
winter colors, and more snow (May 2):

Birds, ground squirrel, elk, and snow (May 3):

Calliope hummingbird (May 4):

Calliope hummingbird (May 5):

Backyard visitor (May 7):

A nice afternoon (May 9):

Crescent moon (May 10):

The aurora - it was was 360° thing, and it was freaking amazing! (May 10):

Backyard visitors (May 11):

Aurora! (May 11):

Aurora, barely (May 12):

Rainbow and sunset (May 14):

The Bullock's orioles are back! (May 16):

Bullock's orioles and black-headed grosbeaks,
and the moon (May 17):

Bullock's orioles, black-headed grosbeak, pine siskin (May 18):

Backyard visitors and so many birds (May 20):

More birds, and the moon (May 21):

Snow, Stellar's Jay, and more snow (May 23):

Western tanager and alpenglow (May 25):

Confused lazuli bunting and snowshoe hare (May 27):