November 3, 2022

The November 2022 Views

 Birthday views (Nov. 3):

Bath time (Nov. 6):

A snowish day, clouds, and then...the weather gods smiled,
and behind a haze of clouds, she shined (Nov. 7):

COLD, clear, bright day and night (Nov. 11):

A bright, frosty morning (Nov. 12):

A hoarfrost morning, sunset, night sky (Nov. 13):

A blue-sky kinda day and colorful stars in the night sky (Nov. 14):

Evening and night sky (Nov. 15):

Juvenile flicker (Nov. 16):

Sunset and night sky (Nov. 18):

A cold but brilliant morning (Nov. 19):

Night sky (Nov. 21):

Thanksgiving Sunset (Nov. 23):

Thanksgiving morning and night (Nov. 24):

Sunset (Nov. 25):

We've gotten a lot of snow this month (Nov. 29):

Cedar waxwings migrating through, and
a slightly overcast moon (Nov. 30):