February 1, 2020

The February 2020 Views

Good start to the month with a brilliant blue-sky day (Feb. 1):

Lunch time (Feb. 2):

Birds, birds, birds! (Feb. 3):

A snowstorm started today, and won't end until sometime tomorrow.
SO. MUCH. SNOW. (Feb. 6):

Another day, more damn snow (Feb. 7):

Some sun, a sunset, and the full snow moon (Feb. 8):

Winter prettiness (Feb. 9):

Kinda deep up there (Feb. 10):

Black and white (Feb. 11):

Sunset (Feb. 13):

(Feb. 14):

Yet another major snowstorm. 
TOO. MUCH. SNOW. (Feb. 16):

Back to blue skies and cold temps,
and boy is that snow DEEP (Feb. 17):

A sparkly morning (Feb. 23):

A teeny bit of color (Feb. 25):