August 4, 2019

The August 2019 Views

Clouds on a sunny afternoon (Aug. 2):

Sun, clouds, sunset (Aug. 3):

A bright spot (Aug. 4):

Moon (Aug. 5):

Evening color, and moon (Aug. 6):

Before the storm (Aug. 8):

Views, hummers, and moon (Aug. 9):

Sunset and moon (Aug. 10):

This little female calliope hummingbird hit the window and was
a little scattered for a bit, but recovered and flew away.

Moonshots (Aug. 12):

Moonshots (Aug. 13):

Evening visitor and moonshots (August 14):

Sunset (August 15):

Hummers and moonshots (August 16):

Morning visitor and moonshots (August 17):

Backyard visitors (Aug. 18):

Sunset (Aug. 20):

Clouds and deer (Aug. 22):

Female rufous hummingbird (Aug. 23):

Goldfinches (Aug. 23):

A pleasantly colorful evening (Aug. 24):

A glorious sunset (Aug. 27):

A beautiful day (Aug. 29):

Sunset (Aug. 30):