January 1, 2017

The January 2017 Views

A Happy New Year sunrise (Jan. 1):

First big snowstorm of the year (Jan. 4):

Sunrise (Jan. 5):

The evening sky (Jan. 5):

Afternoon safflower break (Jan. 6):

After days of snow, the sun comes back (Jan. 12):

The 5-foot fence is disappearing: 

Clearing the deck:

Another frosty, clear morning (Jan. 13):

A frigid sunset (Jan. 13):

Lots o' frost this morning (Jan. 14):

Winter sunrise (Jan. 16):

A jet trail sunrise (Jan. 17):

Late afternoon (Jan. 20):

A black and white kind of day (Jan. 21):

The flash reflected off the snowflakes:

Sunday morning sun (Jan. 22):

Another snowstorm, another black and white day (Jan. 23):

So much snow... (Jan. 25):

Colorful sunset, for a change (Jan. 26):

Sun's trying to break through this morning (Jan. 28):

The day cleared up nicely, and sunset was rather nice: