May 1, 2020

The May 2020 Views

Happy May Day (May 1):

Birdies! (May 2):

Flowers and birds (May 3):

Moonshot (May 3):

Birds and moon (May 4):

Deer, birds and moon (May 5):

Birds and moon (it's a theme) (May 6):

A glorious bird day and moon night (May 7):

The elk were in the meadow again! (May8):

Moonshots (May 8):

Birds, birds, birds (May 9):

It's tough to build a wren's nest (May 10):

A cloudy evening (May 11):

The hummers like the oriole feeder too (May 12):

Mr. & Ms. Bullock's Oriole, in the rain (May 13):

...and two pine siskins, confused on the wrong feeder (May 13) 

Some sky between the clouds, and as always these days,
fresh snow in the high country (May 15):

Birdies! (May 16):

Another glimpse of birds (May 17):

Flowers in the yard (May 19):

Birds (May 20):

Birds in the rain, and fresh white in the high country (May 21):

Evening on the deck (May 23):

Finally, a brilliant day (May 24):

Birdies! (May 26):

Bright and beautiful (May 27):

A very summer-like day (May 29):

Hot, windy, cloudy (May 30):

Wildflowers in the yard - this is why we don't mow (May 31):