April 5, 2022

The April 2022 Views

 Fresh snow, sunset, and moon (Apr. 5):

Moon (Apr. 6):

Birds (Apr. 11):

Juncos (Apr. 12):

More birds and more snow (Apr. 13):

Pink moon (Apr. 15):

A cold sunset (Apr. 19):

Earth Day (Apr. 22):

Another spring day of sun, rain, and snow - 
and there's even some flowers coming up! (Apr. 23):

Elk in the meadow! (Apr. 23):

Birds, rodents, snowy peaks (Apr. 24):

(using a Prisma filter)

(using a Prisma filter)

Clouds and flowers (Apr. 27):

Early clouds and sunset (Apr. 28):

The juncos seem to have adapted their eating habits (Apr. 29):

Wildflowers in the yard (Apr. 30):