September 1, 2020

The September 2020 Views

 Hummer and Full Corn Moon (Sept. 1):

Cedar waxwings and a bit of a sunset (Sept. 2):

Moon (Sept. 2):

Moon (Sept. 3):

Redtail hawk (Sept. 5):

First snow of the season, and a morning moon (Sept. 8):

The view from a different deck at Windcliff in Estes Park, CO (Sept. 11):

Clear morning, snows melting (Sept. 12):

After a well-earned vacation, we are back to
enjoying our view. 
Crescent moon (Sept. 20):

First day of fall (Sept. 22):

Clouds and sunset (Sept. 22):

Moon (Sept. 23):

Fall colors creeping in (Sept. 24):

Proof that we had a morning glory bloom (Sept. 25):

Sunset and moon (Sept. 26):

A perfect fall morning (Sept. 27):

...and evening:

Sunset and moonrise (Sept. 28):

Moon rise (Sept. 30):