May 2, 2017

The May 2017 Views

A rainbow, however faint, is a good start (May 2):

A gorgeous afternoon (May 3):

More hummers and a nice evening sky (May 6):


A decent sunset (May 7):

She's almost full (May 9):

There's a full moon risin' (May 10):

April 1, 2017

The April 2017 Views

A bright and beautiful April 1st morning
(and it's our 33rd April Fool's joke ever!):

A reminder from Winter that it's not totally done with us yet (Apr. 4):

Sunset (Apr. 12):

The elk are back! (Apr. 13):

A perfect spring morning from the deck (Apr. 15):

A sunny Easter morning (Apr. 16):

Getting the Traeger ready for smokin' a turkey breast:

A day of rain, snow, and elk (Apr. 20):

Lovin' the blue and green around here (Apr. 21):

A frosty spring morning (Apr. 22):

A chilly sunset (Apr. 22):

A typical spring morning in Wyoming (Apr. 27):

Another day of snow on the mountains (Apr. 28):

A glorious Saturday morning (Apr. 29):

March 2, 2017

The March 2017 Views

Finally, a sunny day (Mar. 2):

A plane flys through it:

Blowing snow (Mar. 6):

Hello birdie (Mar. 8):

Blue skies for a bit (Mar. 11):

It's's a's mountains, sunsets, and moon, oh my! (Mar. 12):

A sunny (and even melting) St. Patrick's Day
from beginning to end (Mar. 17):

A spring-like day (Mar. 18):

(pine siskins)

(downy woodpecker)

(red-wing blackbirds)

First day of spring (Mar. 20):

(red-wing blackbird)

(evening grosbeak)

(evening grosbeaks)

A foggy morning (Mar. 22):

Evening view (Mar. 23):

The day started with snow (note the fresh snow in the upper mountains),
then rain, then sunshine, then a kinda decent sunset (Mar. 25):


Dinner visitors (Mar. 26):

Out like a lamb (Mar. 31):