November 14, 2023

The November 2023 Views

Starry night (Nov. 14): 

Sunset and moon (Nov. 20):

A Thanksgiving snow (Nov. 23):

A persistent squirrel and rare visitor to the deck (Nov. 25):

Another breathtaking sunset (Nov. 26):

Birds (Nov. 28):

More birds (Nov. 29):

October 2, 2023

The October 2023 Views

 Cool, wet, cloudy Fall day (Oct. 2):

Another cool, wet, cloudy Fall day (Oct. 3):

There's actually hints of blue sky, and OMG that sunset! (Oct. 4):

Night sky (Oct. 6):

Another starry night (Oct. 7):

Starlink satellite train (Oct. 8):

A pop of color (Oct. 10):

The moon view from another deck (Oct. 19):

The moon view from another deck (Oct. 20):

The night sky view from another deck (Oct. 21):

The morning and evening view from another deck (Oct. 22):

Morning visitors, and snow (Oct. 26):

Feels like a winter evening (Oct. 27):

Sunset and full moon (Oct. 28):