May 3, 2023

The May 2023 Views

 Moon (May 2):

The birds are showing back up for the summer, and that oh that moon! (May 3):

Crocus in the neighbor's yard. (May 4):

Sunset and moon (May 5):

A brief bit of sun, Bullock's oriole,
goldfinch, snowshoe hare, sunset/alpenglow, moon (May 6):

Breakfast (May 9):

Another bird day on the deck (May 10):

So many birds (May 11):

Snowshoe hare on the deck and elk in the meadow (May 12):

Flowers in the yard and Sandhill cranes (May 16):

Great bird day (May 17):

Goldfinch (May 18):

Western tanager, young male evening grosbeak, broadtail hummingbird,
and Bullock's oriole - another good bird day on the deck (May 21):

Birds, birds, birds (May 22):

During the storm (May 22):

Flowers in the yard (May 23):

Morning fog and elk in the meadow (May 24):

Birds after the storm (May 25):

More birds (May 26):

Elk on our side of the meadow (May27):

Birds, elk, and lilacs (May 28):

Chipmunk (May 30):