March 1, 2016

The March 2016 Views

In like a lamb (Mar. 1):

A Saturday evening (Mar. 5):

A typical spring day (Mar. 11):
Sunny and gorgeous at 12:30pm

Cloudy and snowy at 1pm 

Another spring storm in the morning (Mar. 14):

A bit of fiery sunset (Mar. 14):

Another storm started the night of Mar. 16:

And ended the morning of Mar. 17 (got almost 2 feet from this one!):

A very crisp morning - 5 degrees! (Mar. 18):

A decent sunset (Mar. 18):

Sunset on the first day of spring (Mar. 20):

Sunrise on a cloudy day (Mar. 21):

Frosting on top (Mar. 23):

Easter morning (Mar. 27):

A snowy Monday morning (Mar. 28):

A sunny day brings the goldfinches (Mar. 30):