July 3, 2023

The July 2023 Views

Sunset (July 1):

Meadow, family, iris (July 2):

More iris, family, wildflowers, elk, full moon (July 3):

More wildflowers and family (July 4):

Tetons, family, wildflowers (July 5):

Iris and peonies (July 7):

Robin bath time (July 8):

A storm builds and drops hail on us for 1/2 hour,
destroying too damn much:

A survivor of the hail storm:


Survivors of the hailstorm and a decent sunset (July 11):

A walkabout in the yard (July 14):

Early morning visitors (July 16):

Fireweed, morning view, and sunset (July 17):

Flowers (July 18):

Snowshoe hare (July 19):

This guy seems to be hanging around our place a lot lately;
I just love his big back feet (July 21):

Columbines (July 23):

Deck progress and rainbow (July 27):

Moon (July 29):

Moon (July 30):