July 3, 2021

The July 2021 Views

 Flowers in the yard and hummers (July 1):

Birds (July 4):

I love owls (July 6):

This little rufous hummingbird whacked into a window and
spent a short period of time recovering on a deck chair (July 7):

Birds and smoke from fires far, far west of here (July 11):

Smokey view (June 12):

Smokey crescent moon (June 13):

Rufous hummingbird (July 14):

Wildflowers (July 15):

Crescent moon (July 15):

Colorful sunset, and moon (July 16):

Moon (July 18):

Moon day moon (July 20):

Smokey moon (July 21):

Sunset and moon (July 22):

Full "buck" moon (July 23):

Fire moon (July 24):