January 3, 2022

The January 2022 Views

Not a view from the deck, but definitely a view worth sharing
from our drive home from spending the holidays with family (Jan. 3):

Came home to over 1.5' of snow on the deck (Jan. 3):

After the days-long storm (Jan. 7):

Sunset and moon (Jan. 8):

Sunset (Jan. 9):

Sunset and moon (Jan. 10):

Sunset and moon (Jan. 12):

Sunset and moon (Jan. 13):

Foggy, blue and white day (Jan. 14):

Hoarfrost (Jan. 15):

One-night-before-full Wolf Moon (Jan. 16):

Full Wolf Moon (Jan. 17):

Townsend's Solitaire (Jan. 19):

Sunset (Jan. 21):

Bright-blue crystal-clear day (Jan. 22):

Sunset (Jan. 22):

Gotta love all that hoarfrost (Jan. 23):

Sunset (Jan. 23):

Sunset (Jan. 26):

Sunrise (Jan. 27):

Sunset (Jan. 29):