October 1, 2022

The October 2022 Views

 Saturday morning clouds (Oct. 1):

Not the most pleasant view from the deck,
as we have a new water line dug:

Evening visitors:


Sunset and moon (Oct. 2):

Evening visitors (Oct. 3):

Morning gorgeousness and moon gorgeousness (Oct. 4):

Moon (Oct. 5):

Moon (Oct. 6):

Moon (Oct. 7):

Oh that moon! (Oct. 8):

A golden morning and oh that moon (Oct. 9):

Moonrise, moon, night sky (Oct. 10):

Autumn sunset (Oct. 11):

Sunset (Oct. 14):

Night sky (Oct. 15):

Sunday morning gold (Oct. 16):

Sunday night sky:

Evening autumn vibes (Oct. 17):

Autumn vibes and chickadees (Oct. 18):

Night sky (Oct. 18):

Autumn vibes (Oct. 19):

Night sky (Oct. 19):

Goldfinches on a rainy day, and then there was snow (Oct. 22):

Sunday snow (Oct. 23):

A gorgeous morning, finches, snowy peaks, and night sky (Oct. 25):

Cold, cloudy mountains (Oct. 26):

Sunset and moon (Oct. 27):

Sunset (Oct. 28):

Sunrise (Oct. 29):

Moon (Oct. 30):

Halloween night sky (Oct. 31):