March 4, 2023

The March 2023 Views

 Snow, again, and birds, again (Mar. 2):

Snow, again, and birds, again (Mar. 4):

Blue skies this morning, and almost-full-moon tonight (Mar. 5):

Sunset and full Worm Moon (Mar. 6):

Blue-sky day and moonlit night (Mar. 7)

Red crossbills (in the front yard) and junco (in the backyard) (Mar. 8):

Blue-sky and birds (Mar. 9):

Colorful sunset (Mar. 10):

Interspecies cooperation, a downy at breakfast, and some blue skies (Mar. 12):

Birds (Mar. 16):

Starry, starry night (Mar. 17):

First day of Spring (Mar. 20):

Birdies (Mar. 21):

Birds hittin' the food during the snowstorm (Mar. 22):

Another day, more snow and more birds (Mar. 23):

The red-winged blackbirds are wondering why
in the heck they came back already (Mar. 25):

A day without snow and the moon (Mar. 26):

Snowy mountains, still (Mar. 28):

Birds (Mar. 30):

The snow isn't stopping so the juncos are adapting (Mar. 31):