June 1, 2022

The June 2022 Views

This month marks an anniversary of sorts...we moved to this location in 2013. This view has been a major part of our world since then....it provides inspiration, solace, wonder, peace, motivation....

Birds and blue skies (after days of rain) (June 1):

Wild hyacinth in the yard (June 2):

Sunny,  stormy, and sunset skies (June 3):

Late evening clouds (June 4):

Late evening clouds (June 5):

Pussytoes! (June 7):

Moon (June 9):

Flowers, alpenglow, sunset, moon, clouds (June 10):

Photos from around the yard (June 11):

Moon (June 12):

Sunset and moon (June 13):

Super Strawberry Moon (June 14):

Birds, and the moon (June 15):

House wren (June 19):

Iris and birds, and clear skies after a rainy day (June 20):

Summer Solstice (June 21):

Flowers, sunset, night views (June 22):

Birds, mountain vistas, flowers (June 23):

Iris perfection (June 24):

Juvenile sharp-shinned hawk looking for breakfast (June 25):

Iris and sunset (June 29):

Iris and a hummer (June 30):