November 6, 2018

The November 2018 Views

Winter is slowing showing up (Nov. 5):

Getting a tich more serious, at least for today (Nov. 6):

Lovin' this snow-dusted view today (Nov. 7):

Sunset arrives early these days (Nov. 7):

A beautiful, bright Sunday (Nov. 11):

...and a decent sunset (Nov. 11):

Waxing crescent moon (Nov. 12):

Sunrise (Nov. 14):

Moon (Nov. 14):

Day and night moon (Nov. 15):

Saturday morning frosting (Nov. 17):

A stellar Sunday (Nov. 18):

Just can't get enough of that moon (Nov. 19):

The moon just keeps amazing me (Nov. 20):

Goodnight moon (Nov. 21):