December 2, 2022

December 2022 Views

 A sunny, blue sky, cloudy, some snow day (Dec. 1):

Alpenglow and moon (Dec. 2):

Blue skies, chickadees, sunset, moon (Dec. 3):

Cedar waxwings are back! (Dec. 5):

Amazing sunset along Highway 89 (Dec. 5):

Moon (Dec. 6):

A blue sky day, lots of birds, and a full Cold Moon (Dec. 7):

Sunset and moon (Dec. 8):

Night sky, moon, blue trees (Dec. 9):

Sunrise (Dec. 10):

Snowy, windblown peaks, and a persistent hairy woodpecker (Dec. 11):

Aftereffects of another snowstorm, and some birdies (Dec. 13):

Another brilliant winter day, with birds (Dec. 15):

Another brilliant day with birds (Dec. 16):

Cold sunset, purple mountains majesty, ice, night sky (Dec. 22):

Christmas Eve (Dec. 24):

Pictures from the road (Dec. 26):

View from a different deck (Dec. 30):

View from a different deck (Dec. 31):