June 1, 2020

The June 2020 Views

This month marks the beginning of our 8th year here, and we never tire of our glorious views.

The lilacs are in full bloom (June 1):

Early evening (June 2):

Another brilliant evening (June 3):

Birds, flowers, blue skies, sunset, moon (June 4):

Flowers! (June 5):

Rain and snow (June 6):

He's scaring off all the other birds... (June 8):

The colors were amazing, both in
birds and in the sunset (June 9):

A bright afternoon (June 10):

Flowers, birds, and a decent evening (June 12):

Flowers in the yard (June 14):

Iris in the rain (June 16):

Sunset alpenglow (June 16):

Another rainy day, but some birds must like the rain (June 17):

Nice day (June 18):

Critter in residence (June 19):

Sunset on the first day of summer (June 20):

Critters, birds, views (June 21):

Random views (June 23):

More iris (June 24):

Iris (June 25):

Moon (June 26):

A very good day for flowers and views (June 27):

Rainbow! (June 29):

End of the month, changing day (June 30):