May 2, 2022

The May 2022 Views

 Cool clouds (May 2):

A cloudy morning with birds, a warm afternoon with elk,
and a crescent moon (May 4):

Hummers are back! (May 6):

Evening grosbeaks and wildflowers (May 6):

Birds, birds, birds, and sunset (May 7):

A day of opposites....snow and blue skies (May 9):

Sunset (May 10):

Elk and hummers and moon make me happy (May 12):

Evening colors (May 13):

Moon (May 14):

BIRDS! (May 15):

ELK! (May 15):

Full blood flower moon (May 15):

Bullock's oriole (May 16):

A bright bird (May 17):

More bright birds and some random flowers (May 18):

Cold and windy and lots of birds (May 19):

So. Many. Birds. (May 20):

A fluffy, cold birdie (May 21):

Birds and mountains on a thundersnow spring day (May 22):

Bullock's oriole (May 24):

Sunset (May 26):

A brilliant morning, before the rainy Memorial Day
weekend gets going (May 27):

One heck of a hummer day!

Rainy bird day (May 28):

Another rainy (and snowy on the peaks) Memorial Day
weekend in Wyoming (May 29):

The rain *finally* ended (May 31):