September 29, 2013

A New Chapter in Our Lives

In late June 2013, my husband and I moved back to the mountains of western Wyoming after being misplaced in Nebraska for 25 years. We were both raised in the mountains of Wyoming, and we were thrilled to be able to find our way back. Moving back meant a welcome career change for my husband, and a continuation of my home-based web business for me. We were lucky to find a home in the northern Star Valley area that we could afford, and that more than fulfilled our ideas of a dream home. It's a great home, but the real plus is the view from the deck. The deck, on the back of the house, looks directly to the east. The view is truly to-die-for and is the reason for this blog, which will be an on-going photographic chronicle of the view from our deck. This is the very first photo taken, by my husband with his iPhone, from our deck in early June 2013:

When I was able to join him (in late June), this is the first picture I took of the view:

And this beautiful sunset picture was taken about 2 weeks later in mid July:

Always enjoy the view, little ones, no matter what it is or where it may be!

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