September 1, 2016

The September 2016 Views

A beautiful beginning (Sept. 1):

A pretty evening (Sept. 1):

Another blue sky/rain cloud afternoon (Sept. 2):

Labor Day alpenglow (Sept. 5):

Labor Day sunset: 

A cap of alpenglow (Sept. 7):

And then a pink-infused sunset (Sept. 7):

A bit of a smokey sunset (Sept. 9):

A sunny day (Sept. 11):

A pretty sunset (Sept. 11): 

Alpenglow (Sept. 15):

Little pink cloud (Sept. 15): 

A day of confusing clouds (Sept. 18):

Followed by a beautiful sunset (Sept. 18):

Autumn equinox (Sept. 22):

Colors (Sept. 25):

Sunset (Sept. 26): 

Sunny afternoon (Sept. 28):

Subtle colors at sunset (Sept. 28): 

After the storm (Sept. 30):

Sept.'s final sunset:

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