March 4, 2020

The March 2020 Views

I was gone for a few days, and I rather missed
this view and its sunsets (Mar. 4):

Spring is on the way, the redwing blackbirds are back (Mar. 5):

Moonshot (Mar. 6):

Moonshots (Mar. 7):

A daylight savings day evening sky (Mar. 8):

Almost-full moon (Feb. 8):

Night-after-full moonshot (Mar. 10):

Sunset (Mar. 11):

A good bird day (Mar. 13):

Sunset (Mar. 13):

Some new spring residents (Mar. 14):

A brilliant morning (Mar. 15):

...and a pretty decent evening (Mar. 15): 

Day one of self-quarantine, a rather gorgeous sunset (Mar. 16):

A dull, cloudy morning (Mar. 18):

First day of spring (Mar. 19):

Afternoon break for the evening grosbeaks (Mar. 20):


An actual blue-sky day (Mar. 21):

Morning view and breakfast group (Mar. 22):

Early evening light (Mar. 22):

Sunset (Mar. 22):

A day of clouds, snow, rain, sun...
typical spring day in Wyoming (Mar. 23):

A brief respite between snow showers this morning (Mar. 25):

Another snowy day (Mar. 28):

Good morning! (Mar. 29):

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