October 1, 2020

The October 2020 Views

 Full harvest moon (Oct. 1):

A golden, cloudy afternoon (Oct. 2):

The moon and Mars:

Fall colors, deer, moon (Oct. 3):

Smoky morning (Oct. 4):

Fall evening (Oct. 7):

Golden morning (Oct. 8):

What a difference a day makes (Oct. 9):

Birdies (Oct. 10):

A cold wind blew in (Oct. 11):

"After" (Oct. 11) and "Before" (Oct. 7):

Sunset (Oct. 12):

Sunset (Oct. 14):

Sunset (Oct. 15):

Sunset (Oct. 16):

And now, for something different.
We went up Smith's Fork today and cut wood;
it was pretty, and productive (Oct. 17):

Sunset (Oct. 17):

Sunset (Oct. 18):

Moon (Oct. 22):

Moon (Oct. 23):

Snow-covered peaks and moon (Oct. 25):

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