April 1, 2021

The April 2021 Views

Very subtle sunset color (Apr. 1):

Snow is slowly disappearing on the peaks (Apr. 2):

And, as always, birds:

Enjoying the deck (Apr. 2):

The Easter Bunny is resting up for his big day (Apr. 3):

Birds (Apr. 3):

Easter morning (Apr. 4):

Seem to have a lone Sandhill crane back in the meadow, 
but as noisy as he is, he won't be alone for long. ;)

Friday morning views (Apr. 16):

A bright, sunny day (Apr. 17):

Crescent moon (Apr. 17):

Lots o' birds (and a ground squirrel) (Apr. 18):

View from another deck (in eastern NE) (Apr. 23):

Almost full moon view from another deck (Apr. 25):

The hummers are back!!! (Apr. 30):

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