February 2, 2022

The February 2022 Views

 A suggestion of mountain peaks (Feb. 1):

Night sky w/planet (Feb. 2):

Sunset (Feb. 3):

Evening clouds and sunset (Feb. 4):

Sunset (Feb. 6):

Sunset and moon (Feb. 7):

Sunset and moon (Feb. 9):

Moon (Feb. 11):

Moon (Feb. 12):

Moon (Feb. 13):

Valentine's Day (Feb. 14):

Afternoon, birds, sunset, and Full Snow Moon (Feb. 16):

Moon (Feb. 19):

Evening snow squall on the peaks (Feb. 21):

A very cold sunset (Feb. 23):

Cold, a few clouds, a little color (Feb. 25):

Sunny day (Feb. 26):

Last sunset of the month (Feb. 28):

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