September 1, 2022

The September 2022 Views

Moon (Sept. 1):

A hint of fall (in the heat), subtle sunset, moon (Sept. 2):

Moon (Sept. 3):

Getting some smoky skies here from a fire near
Blackfoot, ID (Sept. 4):

Moon (Sept. 5):

Moon (Sept. 6):

A storm-cloud-infused sunset (Sept. 7):

Moon (Sept. 8):

Nature's gift (Sept. 15):

After the rain, early evening (Sept. 16):

Clouds and a bird (Sept. 17):

Bright morning (Sept. 18):

Some signs of Fall (Sept. 21):

Autumn Equinox (Sept. 22):

Sunset (Sept. 27):

Holy rainbow, batman!!! (Sept. 28)

Sunset (Sept. 29):

Fall colors are slowing creeping in (Sept. 30):

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