April 2, 2023

The April 2023 Views

Snow, again (Apr. 1): 

Spotted twohee adaptability (Apr. 2):

Finches, juncos, and oh that moon! (Apr. 5):

Moon (Apr. 6):

Sunset (Apr. 7):

Oh that moon! (Apr. 8):

Happy Easter! (Apr. 9):

Lookie! You can see the second rail of the 3-rail fence here! It's kinda melting!

Signs of Spring (Apr. 11):

Night sky (Apr. 19):

Alpenglow and subtle sunset (Apr. 22):

Moose on Antelope Flats (Apr. 22):

Night sky and aurora borealis (Apr. 23):

Moon (Apr. 25):

Goldfinch, sunset (Apr. 27):

Sunset (Apr. 28):

Our resident Sandhill crane pair is back! (Apr. 30):

Moon (Apr. 30):

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