September 1, 2023

The September 2023 Views

 Red-naped sapsucker (Sept. 1):

Spa day (Sept. 3):

Birbs (rufous hummer, gray flycatcher) (Sept. 4):

Rainbow, alpenglow, sunset (Sept. 5):

Sunset (Sept. 19):

Rainy day, cool night, some snow on the peaks (Sept. 21):

Snow in the high country and fall in the yard (Sept. 22):

First day of Fall (Sept. 23):

Fall critters and the moon (Sept. 25):

Moonrise (Sept. 26):

The clouds obscured things a bit, but I did
catch some of the moonrise (Sept. 27):

Colorful sunset and
Shine on, shine on Harvest Moon (Sept. 28):

A golden fall morning and a Harvest Moon moonrise (Sept. 29):

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